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Today, mark Sunshine has picked up a solid brand unwaveringness as well as an across the board universe of mouth exposure for it’s ‘Friendliness with Simplicity’. sunshine’s food is a characteristic decision for Kolhapurians as well as for individuals thronging from all finished India and the world to Kolhapur. In 2012; Sunshine was granted with the renowned “TIMES NOW FOODIE AWARD” for the best nearby cooking. This honor is yet another quill in Shunshine’s crown, and also a matter of pride for the all well known Kolhapuri Cuisine. We are constantly here to serve our visitors with our claim to fame Kolhapuri food and a custom of “Accommodation with Simplicity”.


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Goals & Vision

At Sunshine, we are going to finish 50 wonderful years of friendliness. Amid our adventure, the thing most interested us is love and friendship by our visitors. We get surveys, inputs and request from everywhere throughout the world. Individuals love to remain at Hotel Sunshine as they remain at their home. This is extremely a home far from home for the majority of our visitors. What they like is our friendliness. One of our visitors who use to remain with sunshine since most recent 30 years investigated more about his encounters with us. He stated, “I like your friendliness with straightforwardness”. What’s more, no big surprise in the event that we select his appearances as our catch-line. All our visitors have a comparative feeling about sunshine.